Sensual hologram-like works of art By Kazuki Takamatsu



Sensual hologram-like works of art By Kazuki Takamatsu.

at the coreyhelfordgallery

Takamatsu is a Japanese artist whose world is coming out of a fairy tale. But this fairy tale is not like the others. Dark and violent stories where floating melancholic childish figures are either in despair either in possession of lethal killing machines. Little melancholic lolitas posing with innocence create an atmospheric mystic world. Kazuki Takamatsu mixes traditional and modern techniques
He collects new paintings that bridge analog and digital art, crafting gouache and acrylic layers that recreate figures first imagined using 3-D software. The artist uses this method to also tether both Eastern and Western culture.

Shadow/Deapth mapping or projective shadowing is a process by which shadows are added to 3D computer graphics.
A statement speaks to this new work: “Developing even further his iconic style, Kazuki Takamatsu paints young girls that silently speak to the beholder through…

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Contemporary Sculptures By Doug Aitken Explore Our Relationship To Technology



Contemporary Sculptures Explore Our Relationship To Technology.

American artist Doug Aitken explores the nature of freedom in a world dominated by technology in his Return to the Real exhibition, which is on show at London’s Victoria Miro gallery.

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Women and Floral Patterns by Sergio Lopez Painter


sergiolopez_4322342422_largesergio_lopez__arc1047_cherish665328_f055bdc9bf4a43fd90a891ec68285aca~mv2_d_1920_1413_s_2925tumblr_prr3ydWxPR1va87k2o4_1280tumblr_prr3ydWxPR1va87k2o1_1280tumblr_prr3ydWxPR1va87k2o2_1280tumblr_pisserVzfy1u8p1peo1_1280sergio_lopez_arc1049_wimbeldon665328_7ee93739db6b44bfbc493a000d1562d8~mv21fb785_96e4a0185eaa48e990b069c6bcaf4464~mv2_d_1440_1920_s_2.jpgsergio_lopez-06tumblr_pissemmq4G1u8p1peo1_1280624CxZTbvxVEAA1I-_Sergio Lopez (1)Summers-New-Dream-forweb-1000x41714c6a2760ec4a0704d62aa675c97b149.jpgb01e6b35ff16590d1fb28da1b3679d58.jpgcebd2d38sergio_lopez_arc1048_regattatumblr_mqbfcvvNj01qz9v0to1_1280Sergio

Women and Floral Patterns by Sergio Lopez.

Sergio Lopez was born in 1983 in Sonoma County, California. He received his BFA from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Upon discovering oil paint and charcoal, he began filling sketchbooks rapidly, with real life observations and imagined ones alike.

Lopez credits contemporary artists in graffiti and photography as influences, but he most admires Golden Age illustrators and Bravura painters. He continues his study of the Old Masters with frequent museum visits.

There is no better way to discover the truth and essence of a scene than by standing before it and studying it carefully, according to Lopez. When he discovers a new vista, he enjoys setting up his easel on the spot. He uses various materials: oil and gouache, canvas to acrylic on newsprint and so forth.

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Michael Parkes is the world’s leading Magical Realist


kb_Parkes_Michael-Sophia_Rose.jpgthe-creation-michael-parkes_1600x1204_marked.jpgThe Dark Unicorn Giclee on German Etching by artist Michael ParkesAngel Interupted-A4.jpgmichael-parkes-dawn-semi-nude-girl_1_7e2567146e2ef60039036ec004e48ca2.jpgMichael Parkes (2)Parkes_Letter.jpgunknown-39.jpegb99193822da824b935adedd2ef12f8f1.jpgVenus Giclee on Canvas by artist Michael Parkes20271.jpgdeva-michael-parkes_1600x1306_marked.jpgmichael-parkes.jpgsl-promise-1.jpgthere_must_be_an_angel_papier-a4_hr.jpgmichael parkes 5sl073-watching_time.jpgp_three_leopards_2016_lowres_1.jpgmichael-parkes_the-three-graces_1241x1600_marked.jpgparkes_101535_3waiting.jpgMichael Parkes (9)Michael Parkes (19)unknown-5

Michael Parkes is the world‘ leading Magical Realist.

Michael Parkes is the world’s leading magical realist painter, sculptor, and stone lithographer. His decades of success as a fine artist stand out in the art world where few artists ever achieve success in both the primary and secondary markets. Michael Parkes‘ works are collected by celebrities, prominent private collectors, and galleries around the world, and his body of work stands for all ages. His first one-man show was in Amsterdam back in 1977. Additional one-man exhibitions of Michael Parkes have taken place at Basel Art in Switzerland, Art Chicago, Art Fair NY, Frankfurt Bookfair, Amsterdam Art Fair, Tefaf Art and Antiques Fair Maastricht and numerous exhibitions in their galleries in Amsterdam and New York from 1977 onwards.

Though he studied graphic art and painting at the University of Kansas, his unique style evolved very much in isolation, after a period in…

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1001 Dreams: Body Art and Photography by Yasmina Alaoui and Marco Guerra



1001 Dreams: Body Art and Photography by Yasmina Alaoui and Marco Guerra.

There are rare occasions when glancing at a particular photograph will enthrall you to the point that you hold your breath in admiration. When I lay my eyes on Yasmina Alaoui and Marco Guerra’s astounding photographs, I literally stopped breathing.

A lot of work goes into creating art like this but it’s not in the order that you’d think. Yasmina Alaoui and Marco Guerra mix old and new techniques together to create life-size body portraits that are mysteriously beautiful. In the series they call 1001 Dreams, Guerra first photographs their nude subjects in black and white either with film or Polaroid. Next, Alaoui draws the complex Henna-like patterns, by hand, mostly with pen and ink and with some watercolor. She incorporates textures such as parchment, leaves, and dried insect wings. Finally, it’s all carefully layered together…

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Giant hands lift up Vietnam’s Golden Bridge




Giant hands lift up Vietnam’s Golden Bridge

In the mountains above Da Nang, Vietnam sits a unique piece of bridge design. Winding its way around a 150-meter course lined with flowers, a golden bridge shimmers against the Ba Na Hills, supported by a pair of giant hands.

The Golden Bridge opened to visitors in early June, in the tourist retreat of Thien Thai Garden. The bridge sits 1,400 meters above sea level, an altitude which creates the illusion of a silk strip hiding in the clouds above Da Nang.

The bridge’s 150-meter length is divided into eight spans. Along each perimeter is a line of Lobelia Chrysanthemum flowers, adding a further layer of color to the gold balustrades. The giant pair of hands has been finished with a weathered effect, creating the illusion of age and antiquity.

Watch video:

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Delicate Paintings of the Body by Anne Von Freyburg



Delicate Paintings of the Body by Anne Von Freyburg

The female body is laid bare in the beautiful mixed-media artworks of Anne Von Freyburg.

In her compositions, the naked form of her subjects merge seamlessly together with visions of the natural world, from bare branches and all number of blooming flowers. Working in painting and embroidery, her canvases offer us traditional representations of Western beauty and femininity as well as something darker and more interesting.Life-size paintings using various media show human figures in various states of transformation.

The canvases are distinguished by organic embroidery textures, textiles and crystals are combined with painting and drawing techniques.
The physical features are literally sanded and parts of the fabric are completely erased. The fragile and faded portraits that result are the point of an intrinsic reconstruction of the starting canvas.


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