Sensual hologram-like works of art By Kazuki Takamatsu



Sensual hologram-like works of art By Kazuki Takamatsu.

at the coreyhelfordgallery

Takamatsu is a Japanese artist whose world is coming out of a fairy tale. But this fairy tale is not like the others. Dark and violent stories where floating melancholic childish figures are either in despair either in possession of lethal killing machines. Little melancholic lolitas posing with innocence create an atmospheric mystic world. Kazuki Takamatsu mixes traditional and modern techniques
He collects new paintings that bridge analog and digital art, crafting gouache and acrylic layers that recreate figures first imagined using 3-D software. The artist uses this method to also tether both Eastern and Western culture.

Shadow/Deapth mapping or projective shadowing is a process by which shadows are added to 3D computer graphics.
A statement speaks to this new work: “Developing even further his iconic style, Kazuki Takamatsu paints young girls that silently speak to the beholder through…

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