Unusual And Endangered Birds In Surprising Portraits By Tim Flach


6402f196353162aeede17f1799df770b Philippine Eagle (pithecophagous)

passaros_Tim_Flach_02 Himalayan Monal pheasant

passaros_Tim_Flach_03.jpg Virginia Cardinal

passaros_Tim_Flach_04 Philippines Eagle

passaros_Tim_Flach_06 Silver Laced Poland Chicken

passaros_Tim_Flach_07 King Vulture

passaros_Tim_Flach_08 Shoebill

passaros_Tim_Flach_05 Gouldian Finch

1531161055408159.jpg Victoria-Crown-Pigeon

47690054_277899002889291_2657386988161975096_n.jpgCrested duck breed domestic

34495871_255005421724880_1911748303465218048_n.jpg The Grey Crowned Crane

TF_MTH_018_2_3 Barn Owl

45902289_303142980340688_5251604655272507924_n.jpg Silver-Laced rooster

TF_Endangered_022_1_3Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus) 

Northern-Rockhopper-Penguin-copy_3 Northern Rockhopper Penguin

69562947_143093546926667_7366614336920908498_n.jpg Nicobar Pigeon

unnamed.jpgNorthern White-faced Owl – Ptilopsis leucotis

TF_Endangered_023_1_3 Hooded Vulture

69461600_151872752682132_1888068429786935781_n.jpg Vultrurine Guineafowl

Great-Grey-Owl_3.jpg Great Grey Owl

Unusual And Endangered Birds In Surprising Portraits By Tim Flach.

London-based photographer Tim Flach travels the world capturing the nuanced expressions, unique patterning, and unusual profiles of animals large and small. Often focusing his lens on endangered and vulnerable species, Flach highlights the traits of animals that are at risk of disappearing due to habitat loss, climate change, and human activity.

Flach’s bird photographs particularly stand out. His sharp, clear portraits show the colorful and wildly shaped feathers and beak of birds from the U.S. to the Himalayas. A stately Jacobian Pigeon, its two-toned ruff…

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