Canadian Pond Hockey at Its Best

Paul Zizka Photography

Is there anything more quintessentially Canada than pond hockey?

I’ve heard it said that we aren’t truly Canadian unless we’ve strapped on some skates, grabbed a stick, and puck-handled our way across a frozen lake or pond. During any given winter day in this country, people of all ages are lacing up and stepping out onto frozen ponds and lakes to enjoy our nation’s greatest backyard pastime.

Sometimes, it can look like this:

Shooter and goalie face off against each other on the frozen ice of Lake Louise under the stars and surrounded by the mountains.
Shoot out. Canadian style. Photo by Paul Zizka Photography.

In the Rockies, lake skating usually has a short window. You need a quick freeze and clear skies so that the snow doesn’t fall and cover the ice. Usually, this occurs in late fall, but at times the wind blows strongly enough to clear the natural rinks of snow. I’ve enjoyed some incredible skating even in the month of February. Early in the season, you might see…

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