Giant hands lift up Vietnam’s Golden Bridge




Giant hands lift up Vietnam’s Golden Bridge

In the mountains above Da Nang, Vietnam sits a unique piece of bridge design. Winding its way around a 150-meter course lined with flowers, a golden bridge shimmers against the Ba Na Hills, supported by a pair of giant hands.

The Golden Bridge opened to visitors in early June, in the tourist retreat of Thien Thai Garden. The bridge sits 1,400 meters above sea level, an altitude which creates the illusion of a silk strip hiding in the clouds above Da Nang.

The bridge’s 150-meter length is divided into eight spans. Along each perimeter is a line of Lobelia Chrysanthemum flowers, adding a further layer of color to the gold balustrades. The giant pair of hands has been finished with a weathered effect, creating the illusion of age and antiquity.

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Magical Pictures Of Hummingbirds’ Wings Shining Like Rainbows by Christian Spencer

Magical Pictures Of Hummingbirds’ Wings Shining Like Rainbows by Christian Spencer



Magical Pictures Of Hummingbirds’ Wings Shining Like Rainbows by Christian Spencer.

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Theseare several photos captured by photographer Christian Spencer starring a black and white Jacobin hummingbird flying in front of the sun and filtering the light through its wings, causing a prismatic effect.

In 2011, Christian captured the movements of birds for a movie, entitled The Dance of Time. After receiving 10 international awards, the film also won other awards.

Per Christian while I briefly wish I was a hummingbird until I realize how much I hate my heart feeling like it’s about to beat out my chest:

The photo captures the exact moment in which the sunlight penetrates the wings of a Black and white Jacobin hummingbird revealing a secret of nature that cannot be seen with our eyes.

Although Winged Prism seems too magical to be true, Spencer says that there wasn’t any…

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Delicate Paintings of the Body by Anne Von Freyburg



Delicate Paintings of the Body by Anne Von Freyburg

The female body is laid bare in the beautiful mixed-media artworks of Anne Von Freyburg.

In her compositions, the naked form of her subjects merge seamlessly together with visions of the natural world, from bare branches and all number of blooming flowers. Working in painting and embroidery, her canvases offer us traditional representations of Western beauty and femininity as well as something darker and more interesting.Life-size paintings using various media show human figures in various states of transformation.

The canvases are distinguished by organic embroidery textures, textiles and crystals are combined with painting and drawing techniques.
The physical features are literally sanded and parts of the fabric are completely erased. The fragile and faded portraits that result are the point of an intrinsic reconstruction of the starting canvas.


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Erotic Nude Girls in Diverse and Colorful Photos by Murbo



Erotic Nude Girls in Diverse and Colorful Photos by Murbo.


Murbo Dagldiyan, working under the pseudonym Murbo, is a St. Petersburg erotic photographer. Varied and bright.

Photographer Даглдиян Мурбо (Dagldiyan Murbo). From country Russia. City Moskva.

„My favourite genre is creative nude and fashion nude.
I try to do it better every moment and do not repeat works. I do not want to attach to any style or..
Recently, I also like to shoot fashion, but I understand that it needs to learn a lot. I m using a Canon EOS R with L-series optics.“

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Gastbeitrag von „The European“: Greta Thunberg und die erstaunlich lukrativen Geschäfte ihrer Hintermänner

Gastbeitrag von "The European": Greta Thunberg und die erstaunlich lukrativen Geschäfte ihrer Hintermänner

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