Magical Photos Of Siberian Huskies On A Frozen Lake



Magical Photos Of Siberian Huskies On A Frozen Lake.

It’s a magical scene—a couple of beautiful huskies inquisitively wander over the mirror-like surface of a frozen lake in northern Russia. The world seems so still, so completely calm in the photographs that you could almost be forgiven for thinking the dogs are walking across the very sky itself.

The photographer, who goes by the online alias Fox Grom, captured the images of his Siberian huskies frolicking about on a frozen lake, as part of a long-standing documentation of his outings with the dogs; a project that has now racked up an impressive collection of over 10,000 equally-amazing photographs.

According to his profile, Grom lives in Kirovsk in Murmansk Oblast, one of Russia’s northernmost and coldest regions. Luckily, the Siberian husky has a dense double-coat and can withstand very cold temperatures, even reportedly down to as low as -50ºC.

Huskies were bred…

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