Magical Pictures Of Hummingbirds’ Wings Shining Like Rainbows by Christian Spencer



Magical Pictures Of Hummingbirds’ Wings Shining Like Rainbows by Christian Spencer.

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Theseare several photos captured by photographer Christian Spencer starring a black and white Jacobin hummingbird flying in front of the sun and filtering the light through its wings, causing a prismatic effect.

In 2011, Christian captured the movements of birds for a movie, entitled The Dance of Time. After receiving 10 international awards, the film also won other awards.

Per Christian while I briefly wish I was a hummingbird until I realize how much I hate my heart feeling like it’s about to beat out my chest:

The photo captures the exact moment in which the sunlight penetrates the wings of a Black and white Jacobin hummingbird revealing a secret of nature that cannot be seen with our eyes.

Although Winged Prism seems too magical to be true, Spencer says that there wasn’t any…

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