Delicate Paintings of the Body by Anne Von Freyburg



Delicate Paintings of the Body by Anne Von Freyburg

The female body is laid bare in the beautiful mixed-media artworks of Anne Von Freyburg.

In her compositions, the naked form of her subjects merge seamlessly together with visions of the natural world, from bare branches and all number of blooming flowers. Working in painting and embroidery, her canvases offer us traditional representations of Western beauty and femininity as well as something darker and more interesting.Life-size paintings using various media show human figures in various states of transformation.

The canvases are distinguished by organic embroidery textures, textiles and crystals are combined with painting and drawing techniques.
The physical features are literally sanded and parts of the fabric are completely erased. The fragile and faded portraits that result are the point of an intrinsic reconstruction of the starting canvas.


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