Sensual portraits with vibrant colors – Rococo style by Alexia Sinclair


2015_ROCOCO_THE_PERFUMED_GARDEN1423483858_41423483792_2Archetype_Antoinette_La_Belle_Poule.jpg1423483765_51423483772_7dlyakota.ru_fotopodborki_chuvstvennye-portrety-s-tysyachami-realnyh-cvetov_2.jpegdlyakota.ru_fotopodborki_chuvstvennye-portrety-s-tysyachami-realnyh-cvetov_6.jpegdlyakota.ru_fotopodborki_chuvstvennye-portrety-s-tysyachami-realnyh-cvetov_3.jpeg2016_THE_GARDEN_OF_VENUS2008_ALEXIA_SINCLAIR_Marie Antoinette.jpgALEXIA_SINCLAIR_BEE_TO_A_BLOSSOM_2017ALEXIA_SINCLAIR_BIRD_IN_THE_HAND_2017

Sensual portraits with vibrant colors – Rococo style by Alexia Sinclair

To see more of Alexia’s work, head over to her website and then give her a follow on Facebook, Twitter, on 500px
Alexia Sinclair is an Australian visual artist and photographer who offers a contemporary vision of her fascination with the 18th century French Court.From designing sets and accessories to makeup and costumes, she does everything herself.Thanks to digital techniques, his photographs are highlighted in a flamboyant way in the middle of a floral fantasy.A baroque romance where palaces and gardens serve as decor for aesthetic compositions of a Rococo style.

Rococo showcases a series of theatrical artworks inspired by the lives, gardens and motifs of 18th century high society. The excessive, luxurious and exotic creations of the French court has inspirited the costuming throughout; from Madame de Pompadour’s porcelain flowers to Madame du…

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