15 Images to Get You Stoked for Summer in the Canadian Rockies

Paul Zizka Photography

The air is warm, snow is melting, wildflowers are sprouting, and lakes have returned to their vibrant blues. Summer in the Rockies is prime time for photography, and as locals know it can be extremely short-lived. I personally don’t take on a whole lot on the work front between now and September as I try to carve out creative and exploratory time with the camera. Here’s to a lengthy, colourful, adventurous summer season that is full of possibilities!

I hope these images encourage you to find your next adventure in the Canadian Rockies, whatever that looks like for you. We can always go further, see what’s around the next corner, stay up a bit later, and discover something new.

What’s your favourite spot in the Canadian Rockies? Tell me in the comments!

All images in this gallery are available as stock or limited-edition prints. Please contact us with any…

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