The Players

Tina Davis
as the Baroness

Lenka Batkova
as Laurence a Maid

Svenja Parotat
as Lulu a Maid

Dorota Wójcik
as Veronique a Maid

Janelle Fishman
as Emily

Sarabeth Stroller
as Isabelle

Julie Ordon
as Marie-Louise

Diana Stroessel
as Françoise

Minerva Portillo
as Charlotte

Sheila Ruschell
as Mimi

Micki Olin
as Ivy

Nicole Laliberté
as Sarah

Travis Mashall
as Eric the Chauffer

Karim Bekka
as the Stable Boy


Although Mme. Vidor survived the cable-car crash that devastated the family dynasty, her husband, his ex, her brother and his wife did not. As a consequence of this she is left sole guardian to the latter’s offspring. In addition to her own trio of Françoise, Charlotte, and Isabelle, her household now includes Emily, Marie-Louise, and Ivy from her husband’s previous marriage, and her brother’s two daughters, Mimi and Sarah.

Weakened by shock, Mme. Vidor finds herself unable to exercise the…

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