30,000 LED Lights And Long Exposure Turn Budapest Trams Into Time Machines


Image Credits: Krisztian Birinyi

Image Credits: Zsolt Andrasi

Image Credits: Viktor Varga

Image Credits: Peter Almay

Image Credits: Kis Gabo Photography

Image Credits: Peter Lenkei

Image Credits: Istvan Decsi

Image Credits: Rizsavi Tamas

Image Credits: Istvan Decsi

Image Credits: englishhungary.blogspot.com

30,000 LED Lights And Long Exposure Turn Budapest Trams Into Time Machines

Most major western cities like Budapest are lit up marvelously for the holiday season, which gives experimental photographers the opportunity to play with the extraordinary effects that lights and long exposure can create! This is especially true of Budapest’s trams, which are decorated with 30,000 bright blinking LED lights every holiday season.

This compilation of different photographers’ work long exposure photos will make you wonder – are these decorated city trams or cosmic time-travelling vehicles?

h/t: 500px

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