40 shocking illustrations by artists denouncing animal abuse by reversing roles


Vin-Paneccasio-rhino.jpegPaneccasio  | Rhinoceros are victims of poaching for their horn, which is trading for tens of thousands of euros on the Asian black market, because of its supposed medicinal and aphrodisiac properties.

23092c0db9c1b94387e29b57c2b33e43 Unknow

Vin-Paneccasio-mode Vin Paneccasio

11-18.jpgPuca | Every day 60 billion land animals are killed for their meat in the world (and 1000 billion fish).

maltraitance des animaux Larry Torro | Les animaux sauvages sont chassés lors de safaris et victimes du braconnage, à l’image du lion Cécil.

12-20Nacho Diaz


Et-si-les-Animaux-nous-traitaient-comme-des-Animaux-30.jpgMaciek Ravs |Dairy cows are artificially inseminated, separated from their newborns, forced to produce 8400 liters of milk a year, and then sent to the slaughterhouse after an average of 5 years.

AD-Satirical-Animal-Rights-Illustrations-Parallel-Universe-04 Christopher Golebiowski



animaux Eric Decetis | French hunters kill about 300,000 birds in a weekend (nearly double the victims of the sinking of the Erika).

AD-Satirical-Animal-Rights-Illustrations-Parallel-Universe-13Christopher Golebiowski

AD-Satirical-Animal-Rights-Illustrations-Parallel-Universe-12 Dan Piraro

@VinPaneccasio| Dolphin killings occur each year on Taiji Bay in Japan…

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