Faces of Rajasthan by Manuel Libres Librodo Jr


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Faces of Rajasthan by Manuel Libres Librodo Jr

Manny’s wonderful Faces of Rajasthan, and his Bhutan gallery.

BEST PHOTOGRAPHERS of the world in 2009, multi-awarded and internationally published photographer-conducts workshop all over the world.

Manuel „Manny Libres Librodo, Jr“ is a photographer from the Philippines, who teaches Psychology and History to high school students in Bangkok, Thailand. He professes to „shooting from the heart“ and self-describes his work as lyrical. Passionate about travel, he started photography about six years ago as a way to document his travels. He prefers naturally-lit portraiture, and has established himself as a portrait photographer as well.

Manny’s photographs are exhibited and published internationally, most recently as a UNICEF’s 2008 desk diary and as cover of its 2009 wall calendar. Recent awards include 1st Place in Dusk to Dawn Category for the Digital Camera Magazine (UK) Photographer of the Year Competition 2008, Special Mention in…

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