Internal Flight – Estas Tonne 2016 (English version)

Internal Flight – Estas Tonne 2016 (English version)

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In 2012, I’ve got to know a traveling photographers and filmmakers from Ukraine, Olga and Andrey Andreev’s from a Paganel Studio. Watching their breathtaking footage, I’ve had an idea to combine the “Internal Flight” (a guitar version) with their images of nature. Our first shooting took place in Crimea (while its still has been an Ukrainian territory) and finished in Peruvian part of the Amazon and Sacred Valley near Cusco. Some parts of the film have been filmed by them before our meeting, yet most of it been intentionally captured for the upcoming art piece. In 2015, an Internal Flight, the movie trailer, has won the Awards for the short films selection at the “Cosmic Cine Film Festival” (Germany)

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Tweet von Sven Giegold (@sven_giegold)

Sven Giegold (@sven_giegold) twitterte um 4:06 PM on Fr., Mär 16, 2018:
Das sollte Europas Antwort auf Trumps Zollandrohungen sein! #Europa sollte sich zusammen mit Schwellenländern für ein neues Handelssystem einsetzen, das aus offenen Märkten mit (!) sozialen, ökologischen & demokratischen Regeln besteht:

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Photographer Reuben Wu Gives Mountains Halos Using Drones And Long Exposure

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Photographer Reuben Wu Gives Mountains Halos Using Drones And Long Exposure

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This ongoing project entitled Lux Noctis by Chicago-based photographer Reuben Wu „depicts landscapes within the framework of traditional landscape photography but influenced by ideas of planetary exploration, 19th-century sublime romantic painting, and science fiction.“ Wu imagined these scenes as the familiar transformed into undiscovered landscapes to renew perceptions of our world.

Each image is a carefully-planned scene consisting of multiple lighting positions, layered to produce a theatrically-lit composition. Using the GPS-enabled aerial light/drone in specific positions in space, I am able to create moods of drama and tension through chiaroscuro, and the ability to illuminate isolated features of a scene and exclude unwanted elements.  Via: Co. Design

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